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Equality Leadership Fund

Equality Utah Foundation, in partnership with the Community Foundation of Utah, presents the Equality Leadership Scholarship Fund, a source of financial support for Utah residents who are entering or continuing their secondary education in the state.

The Equality Leadership Scholarship Fund was created to further the education or training of students who have demonstrated leadership in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (“LGBTQ”) rights movement. The Selection Committee reviewed dozens of qualified applications and is confident in their choices. 2011 Scholarships, which were presented at the Allies Dinner on August 20th were granted to 3 extraordinary students:

Alexius Lengele

According to Sara Nicholson, Kearns High School Math Teacher, Alexius is a natural-born leader. This statement is easily backed by the positions of leadership she has held: President of the Gay-Straight- Alliance and Rising Against Intolerance, Now!, and Vice President of Key Club. She was also a recipient of the Lions Club Leadership Award.

Her academic resume rivals her extra-curricular activities. Alexius participated in the Gifted and Talented program and also enrolled in honors and AP classes. With this scholarship, Alexius plans to major in Biology at Southern Utah University with intention of becoming a profiler for the government.

What makes Alexius Lengele the perfect fit for the Inaugural Scholarship Award from the Equality Leadership Fund? Her motivation to engage not only herself but student peers and community members in creating awareness of the LGBTQ rights movement. Through her work with the Pride Center and Gay-Straight-Alliance, Alexius has discovered the key role media can play in amplifying a cause. Alexius and her efforts made a significant difference in Kearns High School view of LGBTQ students and their families and she is looking forward to doing the same at Southern Utah University.

Kristen Mitchell

Kristen Mitchell is taking a different approach to serving the LGBTQ community. Her efforts to make a difference have come through applied science.  As an intern at Malan Relationship Health Clinic, Kristen uses her scientific curiosity and unconditional positive regard for patients in their healing process.

Kristen is the Vice Chairman of the Pride Empathy Line, Utah’s first 24-hour hotline offering empathy, support and resources, and a member of SLICE, Student Leaders in Civic Engagement at Salt Lake Community College.

Kristen is returning to college after raising a family and running a business for 17 years. Her intellectual drive creates a solid foundation for her academic pursuit of an Associates of Arts in Social Work from Salt Lake Community College, Masters of Social Work at Weber State, and an eventual PhD. Her career goals are supported by an impressive 3.9 cumulative GPA.

What makes Kristen Mitchell the perfect fit for the Inaugural Scholarship Award from the Equality Leadership Fund?  Kristen is utilizing her academic background, positive demeanor and professional experience to promote health and responsible sexual behavior in the community. Her goals are: getting a degree, serving her community, and staying active and involved in her children’s education.

Richard Weber

With the time Richard spends volunteering and interning, it is amazing he found time to apply for the scholarship! In the 2007-2008 academic year, he was President of Coloring Outside the Lines at Salt Lake Community College where he organized weekly meetings, community service projects and promoted diversity on campus. Richard co-facilitated a discussion-based workshop for partners of transgendered individuals at the TransActions gender conference in 2011, spoke on a panel for volunteer training and the Pride Empathy Line and to numerous SLCC classes, and was also in integral part in working with administration to install gender neutral bathrooms at the Salt Lake Community College Sandy campus.

Aside from achieving a 3.7 GPA at the University of Utah, Richard is continuing an internship at the Utah Pride Center and working with Volunteers of America at their Homeless Youth Resource Center. At the Pride Center Richard has dedicated himself to Kids Like Me, the new gender-exceptional playgroup for kids, and TransAction, an effort to provide resources and programs to Transgender youth.

What makes Richard Weber the perfect fit for the Inaugural Scholarship Award from the Equality leadership Fund?   Richard is a dedicated leader whose organization and follow through have provided a positive impact on the people and communities he has worked with.  His taste for serving the community has led him to the goal of achieving a Master’s of Social Work and continuing his leadership in the Trans community.

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Applications are not being accepted at this time, but will be opening again for the 2012 - 2013 cycle. For basic information about our Scholarships, please visit the Community Foundation of Utah website.

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