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Respect Utah

2012 Non-Discrimination Bill Watch. Please join Respect Utah and the coalition.
This is the place to get information on the Non-Discrimination Bill, If passed, it will bring what has been wildly popular in municipalities around the State to a state-wide law.

This law will forbid discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in housing and employment. It will also protect political and religious speech out side of the work place - protecting speech on all ends of the political spectrum.

THIS IS THE TIME TO PASS THIS BILL. Join now to get updates on this legislation and find out how YOU CAN HELP!

Respect Utah is a coalition of legislators, businesses, citizens, and religious organizations working to pass a statewide non-discrimination bill. This bill protects citizens from discrimination based a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity in housing and employment. This bill also protects free speech outside the workplace.


Get the facts:

1- pdf Nondiscrimination Q&A

2- Proposed Language of the bill

3- pdf Public Opinion Study (Dan Jones & Associates)

4- pdf Experiences of Gay & Transgender Utahns (the Williams Institute)


Take Action:

1- Publically Support the bill: If you are a business owner, or your place of employment currently has nondiscrimination based on sexual orientation & gender identity, and you support this fair minded, inclusive piece of legislation email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and sign on to our letter of support pdf Click here to preview the letter.

2- Contact your legislator let him/her know that as his constituent you want them to vote in favor of passage of state-wide nondiscrimination in workplace and housing.

     Find out who represents you by clicking here

3- Come to our citizen lobbyist training on February 2nd @ 530pm, and then plan on attending Equality Utah's Lobby day on February the 3rd (we will walk you through the whole process)

4- Register to vote, Become a delegate, help elect fair-minded poeople into office.


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